About Us:

Shred-EZ, inc. is a new local business owned and operated by Jeffery Hayes in Adel, Ga.

Shred-EZ was established after researching business opportunities in the local market area. In our research we continued to come across information pertaining to the increase in identity theft crimes and how the Federal and various State Government agencies are imposing more stringent laws than the already existing laws now in place for businesses to have to abide by to help protect individuals most private information they have in their companies possession. These laws require all businesses or institutions that have access to this type of personal information to have procedures in place showing how they are storing and securely disposing of this type of information.

This is where we come in... Shred-EZ is a secure on-site mobile document shredding company that can take care of your document shredding needs at a competitive price.

We will also provide locked storage bins for you to store the confidential documents in prior to the shredding process at no additional charge. We will provide to your company a Certificate of Destruction, witnessed by one of your company representatives as proof of the destruction process.

We ask that you give us the opportunity to prove we are capable of servicing your company's needs and hope that you would rather know your money is going to support a new local business within our community rather than other communities and states.

Not only does Shred-EZ shred your confidential documents in a secure manner, after the shredding process all shredded documents are taken to a qualified recycling center and is used to produce recycled paper products.

*Note: Identity theft is reported as being the biggest and fastest-growing crime in the United States today.

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