Why Shred?

It is the law. Organizations must comply with regulations requiring the protection of an individual's private information or face steep fines.

There are several privacy acts in place that apply to Financial Institutions, Medical Facilities, Education Facilities etc. and due to the increasing number of identity theft crimes in the United States today, these laws and regulations are strongly being enforced.

Just listen to the news. More and more commonly we hear about facilities disposing of information in a careless manner and not in accordance with the laws. These companies or institutions are now being slapped with heavy fines.

Why not just shred and recycle the materials yourself? Because by allowing Shred-EZ, inc. to shred your documents you have proof and records on hand that show by using an outside source to shred your documents you are taking all precautionary measures to insure you are following laws that regulate how you dispose of these materials should your company be audited. Not to mention you are not using your employees to do these menial tasks that take away from the tasks you hired them to do. Employees are more productive when they can concentrate on tasks at hand without interruption

Shred-EZ, inc. will supply to you a signed Certificate of Destruction witnessed by your companies chosen representative as well as a Shred-EZ, inc. representative. By keeping this certificate of destruction in your files, this provides proof you are taking necessary steps in destroying confidential documents as required by law should your company be audited. It will show how and where the documents were destroyed the date they were destroyed and who they were destroyed by.

If your company has to collect individuals private information to conduct your business the persons you are collecting the information about has a legal right to expect that you take the necessary steps to insure their information is protected

What better way is there to protect it than by shredding it prior to disposing of it?

What better way is there to dispose of it than to recycle it?